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SiC Large Optics

Large Optics

Green Optics leads fast lens markets such as satellite observations and satellite
components by having been equipped with new equipment, as well as having
developed and ensured SiC abrasive technology in collaboration with NOAO.


Large Optics

Green Optics has line-up for the world’s best large optical equipment,
and based on the reliable measurement,
polish, coat and measures a large cylindrical lens, a lens and
a mirror for the space industry.


IR Optics

Green Optics provides a variety of standardized IR optical components designed
to meet the application needs of customers.

MORE + IR Optical Component

Laser Optics

Green Optics provides excellent performance at a particular laser wavelength
or wavelength range through a specific substrate coating
or both combination of laser optics used
in laser purpose or laser devices.

Laser Optics Laser Optics Laser Optics