Development Result


  • Developed 3D medical microscope based on glasses-type display,
    customized for operators
  • Developed HMD(Head Mounted Display) for smart hard hat
    combining biosensor, positioning technology and AR(augmented reality)
  • Developed HMD for education and training based on AR
  • Developed 3D AR HUD


  • Developed HUD system with virtual image distance of longer than
    7.5m that helps drivers look at the front


  • Developed 1M-class aspherical lens
  • Developed High Power Ultra precision Excimer Mirror


  • Developed three-dimensional image fusion technology for aircraft
  • Developed Smart Active products through the fusion of See-through HMD
    and smart apps
  • Developed 250mm Aspherical lens
  • Developed 1M-class Cylinderical lens
  • Developed 1.5M-class Multi Coating Filter


  • Transparent oxide semiconductor transistors for display
  • Developed monocular holographic helmet-mounted HMD
  • Developed ZnS for broad spectrum infrared transmitting glass
  • Developed 2M-class Deep UV Laser AR Coating
  • Developed manufacturing technology of CVD ZnS,
    optic material for transmitting infrared light


  • Developed Wearable Mixed Reality technology for collective training
  • Developed Deep UV Laser Optics 1M-class RMS 1/60 lambda


  • Developed 4um level 1X projection lens
  • Developed large diameter reflecting telescope
  • Developed 5x thermal imagery microscope optic lens
  • Developed three-dimensional image fusion technology
    business–applications for aircraft
  • Developed see-through type of thermographic personal display
    devices using waveguide and HOE
  • Developed digital forward and upward vision equipment
    for aircraft (HUD)


  • Developed 2.3X-Telecentric optical system
  • Developed Solar Blind Filter
  • Developed 10um-class 0.7X Projection Lens


  • Developed Catadioptic optical system
  • Developed satellite optical lens
  • Developed 10'' X-ray Projection Lens


  • Developed hand-held types of portable infrared
    thermal imaging cameras
  • Developed composite polarizing film optic axis measuring device


  • Developed hybrid aspheric optical system for HMD
  • Developed liquid crystal alignment layer test equipment
  • Developed Projection TV in low maintenance cost


  • Developed Filter for UVB Detector using Multi-layer Coating
  • Developed optical device for ArF (UV193nm)


  • Developed optical Stage for organic EL manufacturing
  • Designed telecentric F-ø lens optics and supported
    ultra-precision processing technology (KBSi)


  • Localized large concave lens for LCD manufacturing
  • Developed 172nm the quartz window Repair for LCD cleaning
  • Developed large stage glass for LCD Repair
  • Developed 52'' HMD optical system


  • Developed 0.7x, 1.1x, 1.4x, 2.0x optical system
  • Developed 3-axis line illumination optical system
  • Developed illumination system for placer and coaxial cavity survey line
  • Localized large optical lens (ø100 ~ ø2600)


  • Developed fingerprint recognition optical system


  • Developed 360° observation camera system
  • Developed dust inspection optical system
  • Localized ASML 248 Main Filter


  • Developed HMD (Head Mounted Display 44 '') optical system
  • Developed DYE Cell
  • Localized optical systems for semiconductor manufacturing (Stepper)


  • Developed Fault Prediction System of an electronic product
    using Speckel Interferometry System
  • Developed PCB Inspector


  • Developed high power Nd: Yag Laser Mirror
  • Developed optical components for CO2 Laser


  • Developed F Theta Lens for Laser Marking